Professora de inglês ajuda a melhorar sua leitura com três notícias

Uma boa maneira de aprender inglês é sempre ler sobre um tema com o qual você já está familiarizado. Assim você entende bem, mesmo sem conhecer todas as palavras. Hoje trago três trechos de notícias publicadas em jornais internacionais recentemente.

Leia e tente entender do que se trata – não vai ser difícil, porque provavelmente você teve acesso a esta notícia em português.

Para ampliar seu vocabulário, após cada notícia tem algumas palavrinhas novas com definição bem simples em inglês. Elas foram colocadas em itálico no texto.

The Guardian

Protests erupt in Brazil after death of black teenager who was restrained

Campaigners say Black Lives Matter movement is emerging after action in five major cities. Brazilian activists have taken to the streets in five major cities after the death of a young black man who was restrained by a supermarket security guard. Campaigners said the protests are feeding a nascent Black Lives Matter movement in Brazil, where nearly three-quarters of all homicide victims are black.

to be restrained – to be kept under control

lives – plural of life

to matter – to be important, to be significant


New Corruption Probe in Brazil Batters Top-Performing Education Stocks

Two of Brazil’s best-performing stocks this year are facing unexpected headwinds. Shares of education companies Kroton Educacional SA and Estacio Participacoes SA extended a drop on Monday amid news that Education Minister Ricardo Velez signed an agreement to investigate potential corruption and misuse of funds at the Ministry. They had already led losses on the equity benchmark Ibovespa on Friday. Smaller rivals Ser Educacional SA and Anima Holding SA also fell.

probe – an investigation into a crime

to batter – strike repeatedly

stocks – shares of a particular company

Financial Times

Poverty, inequity and the potential of Brazil’s public schools

A proper education for all is key to the country’s development  Brazil’s most valuable resource is plentiful and precious: its people. Almost 4m babies are born here each year, bringing with them hope for a better future. Yet, if the country’s public education system remains as it is today, only half of these children will be able to read before the age of eight or nine, and by the time they reach 21, just 15 per cent will be enrolled in college. If we do not invest in young Brazilians now, we will continue to fuel a woeful and ever-worsening cycle of poverty, holding back the progress and development of the entire country.

inequity –  lack of justice

to be enrolled – to be officially registered as a student on a course

to fuel  – to inflame a feeling or activity

woeful – very bad; deplorable


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